Introducing the Eat, Lean & Clean Product Range

Are you a Personal Trainer who has always dreamed of launching your own brand of Nutrition? Ever thought that it was too difficult? We thought so too! That’s why we launched Eat, Lean & Clean – to make it simple to make the most of your status as a trusted Health & Fitness professional.

We designed a range of 6 precision ready meals that will allow your clients to stick to their diet and hit their macros every day. They taste great, are available at an affordable price and are ready in under 4 minutes. Perfect for those clients who are trying to manage family, work, training AND diet.

Let’s take a look at the range.

Thai Green Chicken Curry

Calories: 316 Protein: 37g Fat: 5g Carbs 52g





Our Thai green chicken recipe with basmati rice, bean mix is our take on classic Thai Green chicken curry, made using only fresh clean ingredients with aromatic spices that leave a pleasant warmth. As with all of our meals it simply tastes fresh, clean and healthy (and delicious!) A 440g meal with just over 300 calories and approaching 40g of protein, the balance and nutritional content is amazing. Incorporating this meal into your nutrition regime will help you to balance a
healthy lifestyle AND keep flavour and zing in your diet.

Spicy Ham, Chilli & Coriander sweet mash

Calories: 365 Protein: 32g Fat: 10g Carbs 36g





A really refreshing, clean tasting meal. A tasty mix with a strong, savoury punch . This is our food consultant’s favourite meal and we think it could be yours as well. The mixture of Chilli & Coriander mash with a spicy saucy, flavoursome pulled ham and fresh green bean mix provide the perfect flavour combination.
365 calories for a 420g meal with over 30g of protein.

Deconstructed Chicken Fajita, Chilli and Coriander Mash

Calories: 322 Protein: 35g Fat: 5g Carbs 24g

Packed with Mexican tastes and full of flavour, the marinated fajita chicken is a real treat for your taste buds. Complimented by a warming aromatic mash and topped with a zingy spiced tomato salsa we absolutely love this dish and know you will too. At just 322 calories for a 430g meal with 35g of protein again the nutritional values are perfect. This meal is ideal for dinner or lunch.


The Classic

Calories: 299 Protein: 41g Fat: 5g Carbs 51g

This is the absolute classic holy grail of meal prep food. Every gym fanatic’s favourite favourite. You can’t get any more iconic, or any more HEALTHY. This is the ultimate example of the perfect balance of carbohydrates, protein and vitamins.
This meal boasts 41 grams of protein, yet under 300 calories for a 370g meal. There is no better way to fuel your body.




Chickpea Korma, Saag & Basmati Rice (v)

Calories: 374 Protein: 16g Fat: 9g Carbs 90g

This mild, aromatic vegetarian dish is sure to be a favourite. Replacing a traditional meat curry with a vegetarian alternative helps to add variety to your diet. The carbohydrates will help leave you feeling full, whilst the creamy flavour will leave you wanting more. This dish boasts an exceptionally low calorie content of under 380kcal for a satisfying portion (390g meal!). It will provide you with much needed protein, whilst remaining healthy and clean. Fuelling your body with the best ingredients and taste.




Cinco Frijoles Mexican Chilli & Rice (v)

Calories: 294 Protein: 13g Fat: 3g Carbs 90g







This invigorating dish provides a hearty meal, packed with protein, vegetables and beans, to help aid and promote healthy digestion and other benefits of clean eating. With its deep, earthy flavours and satisfying power, it is sure to be a hit. This dish is vegetarian-friendly, but is definitely suitable to be enjoyed by everyone. This meal has been designed to be a low calorie, balanced carb meal – perfect for losing weight and feeling satisfied. It will be sure to keep you going throughout the day! All the while maintaining that all important nutritional balance, essential to keeping the body running at optimum efficiency.


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