Are You Making The Most of Your PT Brand?

Why your Personal Training brand is much more than a logo

The components of brand: Add more to yours

When you made the decision to become a Personal Trainer, it was likely driven by your love of helping people to achieve their goals. Lose weight, get fitter. You had the tools to help. To do that, you had to attract clients. Spread the word, set up on Facebook, Twitter, Insta and build a website.

And what is an important part of that? Your new logo, your colours, your visual identity. Your brand?

Well, yes and no. When we think of the world’s most famous brands – we can think of logos – the Nike Swoosh, Adidas 3 stripes and Puma of, well, Puma. But brands are much more than that – they are the values and reputation that those logos represent.

So think of your brand – not just the logo but your presence in your community as a trusted health and fitness professional.  Part of your brand is that your clients will look to you to recommend diet plans and the nutrition to help them achieve their goals. Your clients then go to their favourite brand (that word again) of supermarket to try and match your recommendations.

But imagine that your brand included the Nutrition that you had recommended. You would have greater control over your client’s macro in-take. Differentiate yourself as a trainer who was serious enough about every aspect of training and nutrition that their brand included a range of meals. What would the results be?

Better results. Greater Trust. More Clients. A Better Brand.

Eat Lean & Clean has designed a range of ready meals that can be labelled with your brand. No Minimums, No Risk, No Fuss.

Get in touch to find out how.

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